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Lens SofLens one day-Wearing contact lenses is convenient; however, the chore of maintaining and storing them is not. Clean, rub, rinse, store, repeat — you know the drill all too well. As daily disposable contact lenses, it’ll give you all-day comfort and visual precision that you can simply toss away at bedtime.Lenses in the range of - 9.00 to + 6.50 diopters.  30 pieces lenses package.

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Of course, the sheer convenience of SofLens one day- contact lenses doesn’t stop at just wearing them once. Application is simplified with an easy-grip tab, tear-away label on the lens pack, and an ergonomic blister pack that ensures smooth lens removal without slipping. To improve handling, SofLens one day contact lenses are tinted to make them easier to find in the solution without actually changing the color or appearance of your eyes.
Furthermore, with High Definition Optics, you’ll experience a noticeable reduction in blurs, halos, glares, and other visual glitches that can often occur with conventional contact lenses. This feature enables you to enjoy clear, crisp, vision each and every hour you wear them and ensures full visual acuity in a wide range of lighting conditions. You can enjoy clearer vision during a day in the office or a night on the town in low light. Plus, you can count on maximum comfort and limited irritation with ComfortMoist technology. Specially developed by Bausch & Lomb, it combines an exceptionally thin design with a slow-release packaging solution for a natural fit and soothing moisture. And since you’ll be wearing a new pair every day, you can rest assured that your contacts are free of the harmful contaminants and natural buildup that makes them less comfortable, clear, and hygienic.
As fuss-free as Bausch and Lomb  SofLens one day is to wear, it’s still important that you follow the instructions of your eye-care professional to maintain the health of your eyes. For instance, you should only wear the daily disposable contacts within the recommended time period. In addition, you are advised to remove them during certain activities and environments — such as swimming, skiing, and hot tubs — to prevent the risk of ocular infection.
To leave the inconvenience of cleaning your contact lenses behind — with crystal-clear vision and comfort all day, every day — choose  SofLens one day.

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