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Ote Natural-drops

Ote Natural-drops.Ph-balanced moisturising eye drops with natural sodium hyaluronate prepared using an environmentally-friendly and water based process. Package 10 ml.

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Ote Natural-drops

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The eyes are exposed every day to external influences like wind, dust, UV radiation and air pollution. This can result in dry, tired and/or irritated eyes. The new Oté Natural eye drops based on a natural lubricant and free of preservatives ensure maximum lubrication and protection of the tear film …. a gift for your eyes!
The patented Venting Filter System ensures that the contents of the handy squeeze bottle remain sterile in use. Thus Oté Natural eye drops have a longer life without the addition of a preservative component.
Hyaluronate is a natural lubricant renowned for its extreme water binding capacity. Oté Natural contains premium quality hyaluronate (0.1%) made in an environmentally friendly, waterbased process. This eye drop does not therefore contain any animal or toxic components, which contributes to comfort and safety in use.

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