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NebuVis Blueberry-eye drops-sprey

NebuVis Blueberry-eye drops and contact lens, spray with bilberry with tired eyes. Pack of 10ml.

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NebuVis Blueberry

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NeVis Blueberry- eye drops and contact lenses improve vision and adaptive capacity of the eye. Lublikirat, refresh and moisturize tired, swollen or irritated eyes. In sensation of dry or irritated eyes, resulting from continuous focusing or eye stress or upon exposure to sunlight. Improves comfort at a reduced rate of blinking, reading, prolonged computer work or tablet, video games, watching TV, night driving, artificial lighting and more. Strengthen the retina of the eye, acting against blood clots, support vessels and improve circulation activity. Recommended for persons with diabetes mellitus and smoking because of the higher risk of eye diseases.
Bilberry (Vaccinium muytillus) - anthocyanosides- contain powerful antioxidants that strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls, stabilize collagen in tissues. Contributes to the pigments in the retina that allows the eye more easily adapted to the light conditions, while its support and regeneration. Since the eyes are a high concentration of capillaries, bilberry helps to improve vision.

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