Miru -1 month silicone-hydrogel multifocal contact lens Maximize

Miru -1 month silicone-hydrogel multifocal contact lens

Miru -one-month, multifocal silicone-hydrogel lens. This lens delivers natural vision at close and long distances.When viewing close distances, the pupil shrinks and shifts down to the nose. This anatomical feature is taken into account in the design of the lens. Different designs of low and high additive offer maximum comfort when using them

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Miru -one-month, multifocal silicone-hydrogel lens. Available in two designs - low and high  add. With the low addition, the three zones are in optimal balance with each other..This high additive has a special design to prevent the lens from rotating and to maintain an optimal field of view. The goal is to control the depth of focus and provide natural vision between near and far.


Front surface-Aspherical
Rear surface-Spherical-aspherical




14.20 mm

Base curvature     

8.60 mm


LOW (low) equal to or above 1.00 dpt.
NIGH / high / equal to or above 2.00 dpt.




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