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2xClariti Elite- Monthly contact lens

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Clariti Elite- Monthly contact lenses are designed to keep your eyes fresh and comfortable. These lenses have a higher water content compared to traditional soft lenses, keeping your eyes moist for longer.

The exclusive AquaGen technology allows more oxygen to reach the eye. Together with the silicone hydrogen material, it provides exceptional comfort. A UV inhibitor also protects your eyes from harmful sun rays. Please note that although these lenses contain UV protection, they do not substitute other UV-blocking eyewear such as sunglasses or goggles.

These lenses are ideal for those suffering from dry eyes. The high water content keeps eyes moist for longer, reducing the need for additional wetting additives. Monthly disposable also mean they are ideal for regular wearers, as they may work out to be a cheaper option.


  • High water content. Eyes are moist for longer, reducing the need for wetting additives.
  • High breathability. High oxygen transmission to the eye increases comfort.
  • UV protection. UV inhibitor blocks harmful sun rays.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Contact lens type: Monthly disposables
  • Manufacturer: CooperVision
  • Material: 56% Water, 44% Filicon II 3
    Handling ting: Yes
    UVA/UVB protection: Yes
    Usage instructions: Daily wear for up to 30 days. Replace with a new pair every month.

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