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Lens Optima FW, three-months,soft

Contact lenses offer a time-tested design that provides excellent vision and comfort,
and Optima FW comes with a spare pair for convenience and peace of mind,
in the range of - 9.00 to + 4.00 diopters.
When ordering under BGN 30.00 the delivery is BGN 4.00

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14,00 лв

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  • A leading conventional soft contact lens brand with doctors and patients for over 10 years
  • A spare pair for convenience and peace of mind
  • Ultra slim design
  • Can be used in front of computer


Technical Details:

Material Polymacon A (hydrogel)
Water content 38.6%
Oxygen Transmissibility Dk/t 24.3
Technology Lathe cut back surface
Base curve 8.4, 8.7, 9.0 mm
Diameter 14.0 mm
Center thickness 0.035 mm
Power from +4.00 to -9.00 D
Indicator for orientation  B&L
Tint light blue
Usage Daily
Replacement Monthly
Packing 1 lens

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