What you need to know about proper use of contact lenses?

   History of contact lenses - from Leonardo da Vinci to today

   Who can wear contact lenses?
   Продължителност на носене на контактните лещи
   Can you really sleep with contact lenses?

    Sport and contact lenses - Mission Possible !!!

   Can people with presbyopia to wear contact lenses?

   Can soft contact lenses to be used for correction of astigmatism?

   What you need to know about colored contact lenses?

   What is the current state of solutions to support the lens? 

   Daily contact lenses

   Three Months contact lenses

   Instructions for dealing with contact lenses and solutions

     How to insert and remove contact lenses

     What kind of glasses to choose our glasses

    Contact lenses silicone hydrogel - contact lenses or glasses

    You can contact lenses to replace the glasses?

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