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Oftyll Monogreen- solution- 500 +Oftyll Monogreen- solution- 50

If you purchase the Oftyll Monogreen-Solution 500, you will receive the Oftyll Monogreen-Solution 50 bonus.

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Oftyll Monogreen All-in-one is a solution for the complete maintenance of all types of contact lenses.Its innovative formula containing Hydrabiol and Cocoamphocarboxyglyconate, a molecule obtained from coconut, is extremely biocompatible and very well tolerated even by the most sensitive eyes. Oftyll Monogreen is a sterile, isotonic, preserved and buffered (pH 7.2) solution.Disinfects, cleanse, preserves, lubricates, rinses, removes the proteins.The antimicrobial activity of the solution Oftyll Monogreen was tested according to ISO/CD 14729.2.The results confirm the effective bactericidal activity of the product and its high biocompatibility.

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