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All in One Advance-solution

All in One Advance-extremely consistent and effective all-in-one solution for all soft contact lenses. Pack. 360ml.

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All in One Advance-360

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All in One Advance from Wöhlk is your perfect companion for contact lens care! The multipurpose solution is very well tolerated and does everything it needs to alone - so you can relax and enjoy the clean and fresh feel of new contact lenses, day after day.
All in One Advance features a highly developed combination of active agents. Consisting of a buffered isotonic solution, All in One Advance contains so-called Actipro® ingredients. These work around the clock to remove stubborn lipid and protein deposits, resulting in soft and smooth lenses. Suitable for use with all soft lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses.

 Daily care of your contact lenses should be as much a habit as cleaning your teeth. Otherwise you are at risk of serious eye injury.  With the included contact lens container your lenses will always be clean and safely stored.


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