Lens-Hydrolens 60%(softwear 58%) Maximize

Lens-Hydrolens 60%(softwear 58%)

Hydrolens 60%(softwear 58%). The price is for 1pc. soft contact lens in glass container.

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63,00 лв

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Hydrolens 60 % is manufactured to ensure a strong, clear lens which resists discolouration. Sometimes patients will need soft lenses which are outside the range of stock parameters; high powers, large or small diameters and steep or flat base curves.
A graduated aspheric lenticular zone ensures minimum overall thickness in any power. Every prescription is optimised for handling characteristics and oxygen transmissibility using a computerised lens design facility. Computer controlled lathes are used for both back and front surface production to ensure excellent reproducibility.

For more information, see the file in PDF format:

Hydrogel lenses-brochure

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